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Your payroll data is safe and secure


We know that security is of utmost importance to you. Get peace of mind in knowing that your payroll data is backed up daily. We use similar security to online banking vendors and we email secure pdf payslips to your employees.

  • Capturing of all payroll changes
  • Calculations of all earnings, deductions and company contributions
  • Generating and printing of secure payslips.
  • Generating and printing of all monthly reports
  • Generating and printing of IRP5 and IT3(a) certificates to format prescribed by SARS
  • Processing of all types of leave taken

  • Preparing an electronic transfer file for employee’s net pay.
  • Submission of electronic UIF declaration file to UIF Commissioner
  • Providing various payroll reports as agreed on during the set-up phase.
  • All reports are password protected and e-mailed to Management
  • Submission of the annual tax reconciliation and return to SARS
  • Generate a report for Occupational Injuries and Diseases return

We’ll take care of SARS for you


SARS submissions are a breeze. Comply with SARS requirements and generate tax certificates with the click of a button. With no manual recapturing, e@syFile integration is quick and easy. Your UIF, SDL, PAYE and IRP5s are taken care of with our smart online payroll.

Trusted Payroll Services


Pay Code Uses D-BIT Payroll System.


Payroll involves performing many tasks to ensure accurate and timely paychecks and payroll tax and record-keeping compliance. These duties cannot be rushed, and they should be performed with painstaking detail. Otherwise, erroneous paychecks and improper payroll tax and record-keeping procedures can result. The former situation can cause employees to become upset; the latter two situations can cause penalties from the Internal Revenue Service and Labor. Consequently, when doing payroll, apply a step-by-step process.

  • Eliminate time on data capturing
  • No Tax year end stress
  • Full adherence to current Tax legislation
  • Prevent internal fraud
  • Secure cash transfers
  • Professionalism and efficiency will eliminate payroll queries
  • Allows your company to focus on core company objectives
  • Tailored solutions for companies of all sizes
  • Guaranteed confidentiality of information
  • Savings on payroll administration costs
  • Compliancy with current legislation

  • All control accounts reconciliations
  • Full function bookkeeping
  • Credit card and petty cash reconciliations
  • Financial statements
  • general ledger
  • bank reconciliation
  • New business start-up
  • VAT submissions
  • Company Taxes

  • Reduce overheads
  • Focus on core business
  • Previous cost center will become valued added services
  • Tailored solutions for companies of all sizes
  • Prevent internal fraud
  • Time saving on VAT returns
  • Complete ease of mind – no worries about compliancy issues


Setting the standard

  • Key design concepts drive the development of the products
  • Incremental development ensures that the software becomes progressively more polished based on continuous feedback and also reduces the risk of correction of established cod
  • Selectively incorporating provisions for features and functions, lays a foundation, that will be added to over time
  • Acknowledgment that software requirements change over time